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Rose Quartz


Rose quartz has been used in love rituals and ceremonies for centuries, and remains the stone of the hopeless romantic. Egyptians believed that the stone could prevent wrinkles and the effects of aging. Greek and Roman myths were the first to attach the symbol of love to the rose quartz meaning.

According to Roman myth, Cupid, the god of desire, bestowed the gift of love to humans in the form of a Rose Quartz. Another Rose Quartz myth tells of the stone receiving its color from the blood Aphrodite, spilt in trying to save her dying lover, Adonis. Both of the lovers bled over the stone and its lasting stain is meant to represent eternal love. 💖

Accented with a petite Rainbow Moonstone cabochon, electroformed with pure copper and oxidized for an aged effect. 20” dark copper chain, 2.5” tall.

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