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Image of Labradorite Ring

Labradorite Ring


Size 6.5 Labradorite ring.

This piece of beautiful, flashy Labradorite was part of a bigger oval that I had plans of using for a necklace. I dropped it on the floor and it broke into three pieces, one big piece, one tiny shard, and the piece in this ring. Normally, I’m a panicky person, especially over little things like that, but for some reason it didn’t phase me. I picked up the pieces and thought, “That’s ok. I’ll make a ring.” And I did. It was broken and it’s not perfect, but look how beautiful the end result is. ✨ See what I’m getting at? 🌞

Electroformed with pure copper and oxidized for an aged effect.

(6% WV sales tax included in price.)

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