Black Sheep Jewelry

Meet the Maker

My name is Ashley Anderson and I’m the sole owner and artisan behind Black Sheep Jewelry. I started making jewelry as a hobby, to have something quiet to do by myself. When I started, I had no idea it would become a passion. I pour myself into every piece of jewelry and I hope that shows through my art. Now, fun facts?!

I’m an empath, which is a large part of why I’m so drawn to crystals. I’m never more at peace than I am when it’s just some crystals, their amazing energy, and me. Jewelry making has been a great therapy for me.

I love cereal! Fruity Pebbles, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, anything with marshmallows! Pretty much any cereal a 5-year-old would be eating is probably in my cabinet.

My house is full of critters! That includes kids, two cats, and a piggy named Gladys! My dream home would be a secluded farm, somewhere my kids could run wild, I could grow my own food, ride horses, and have animals everywhere. (That’s pretty much how I grew up.) Someday, right?

I’m an art lover, whether it be painting, pottery, tattoos, etc. I appreciate good art. I’m a tattoo collector, proudly wearing permanent artwork from 12 amazingly talented artists, so far.

I’m neurotic enough that I had to have just one more to make it five.

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