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What is electroforming?

Electroforming is a process that uses electricity, an acidic solution, and a copper source to deposit a beautiful, permanent copper plating onto another object. My electroformed pieces are made with natural subjects such as crystals, gemstones, bones, and botanicals. The process takes several days for each piece and is very scientific, but the results are worth it!

Why copper?

Copper is man’s oldest metal, dating back more than 10,000 years and is known as the “healing metal” because of suggestions that it has healing properties including relief of headaches, arthritis, and joint pain. Metaphysically, copper stimulates the flow of energy, intuition, and self-esteem. Any stone with copper around it is said to have enhanced properties.

Will my copper stay shiny?

Due to copper’s natural properties, over time, the color will darken. Oxidation is completely normal and most of my jewelry is purposely oxidized because I think it is beautiful! If your copper is not purposely oxidized and you would like to polish it, pour some table salt on a slice of lemon and rub onto the copper until shiny again. Gently dry with a soft, dry cloth. Do not try to polish jewelry that has an intentional patina on it or the patina finish will be removed. 

Will it turn my skin green?

While it is not guaranteed, copper can leave a green ring on your skin that can easily be washed away with soap and water. (This is common with rings and bracelets, but is unlikely with pendants.) This is a natural effect of copper and has nothing to do with the quality of the jewelry - it means your body is getting the benefits of the copper! If you would prefer to prevent the green skin, you can add a coat of clear nail polish to the copper that is in contact with your skin. Please note, if you do this, it will wear down over time and need reapplied, you are no longer receiving the benefits of the natural copper, and I am not responsible for any changes you make to your jewelry.

How do I care for my copper jewelry?

• Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place.

• Remove your jewelry before sleeping, showering, and swimming.

• Avoid wearing chemicals such as lotion, perfume, and makeup on areas of your body that will come into contact with your jewelry. If your jewelry does come into contact, wipe it clean with a soft, dry cloth.

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